Best Ways To Improve Your Reaction Time For Boxing/MuayThai/MMA

In boxing, mma, muay thai and martial arts, reaction time is everything. Without question, it plays a key role in effective offense and defense in the ring/cage

So how does one improve overall reaction time for boxing, muay thai, mma? Here are the best ways to improve your reaction time

Best Ways To Improve Your Reaction Time

Improve Your Overall Hand-Eye-Foot Coordination First

Having good hand-eye-foot coordination will allow you to have fast lateral movement and good head and upper body movement all at the same time, while staying relaxed with little to no effort at all. In other words, your entire body and posture will be loose enough to not only react to anything but also execute techniques more quickly and efficiently.

There are many ways to improve your overall hand-eye-foot coordination. Some of the best methods for boxers are the tennis ball drop & catch, as demonstrated by IBF heavyweight champion and Olympic Gold Medalist Anthony Joshua in the first video above, and the jab ball cap, as shown by WBO super featherweight champion and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist Vasyl Lomachenko in the video above. Do note that you should try to maintain your boxing stance at all times and constantly move as you perform these exercises.

Tennis Ball Throw & Evade

Perhaps one of the simplest methods to start with is the tennis ball throw and evade. This exercise is simple: adopt your boxing stance with your back facing the wall and the heel of your rear foot just touching the wall. Next, have a partner throw a tennis ball towards your head. Your aim is to keep your hands as close to your chin as possible while bobbing and weaving to evade the incoming ball. If you are able to evade successfully, the ball should hit the wall behind you and bounce back to your partner.

Remember to start this out slowly first and be sure to turn your hips as well. Be sure to bob and weave to the sides with as little head and upper body movement as possible. The ball should pass the side of your head just above the shoulders. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, start to shadowbox small combinations of punches to build up counterattacks with your reactions.

And you can get yours here:


Boxing/MMA/MuayThai Foam Sticks

Compared to regular focus mitts and punch paddles, boxing foam sticks or precision training sticks provide the quickest incoming attacks because of its incredibly light weight. And because of its shape, the sticks provide for a much smaller target; allowing for more precise defensive movements. It can also be used to train up the accuracy and speed of a boxer’s attacks.

With thoses sticks you can also train your leg block, kicking accuracy and more to improve your muay thai, mma and boxing performance.

Like many of the other methods mentioned here, work with your partner or trainer to develop a combination or routine and execute it slowly. Start increasing the speed and movement required once you have gotten used to it. Be sure to push the pace of this particular method as the light weighted sticks are made to allow for very high speeds and are also not at all damaging on impact.



Those are the best training tools so far to train your reaction time, punching/kicking accuracy and head movements.

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